Messy Mondays: Christmas Card Series #2 (Kid Edition)

Welcome to a Messy Monday! Today I will be sharing with you a simple card that was made in my class with my elementary students last year. It is a no-stamp card, so supplies will be easy to find as well. All you need is some colored cardstock, white cardstock, adhesive foil ribbon, stickers, and 1" mesh ribbon (optional). I found all these supplies at my local dollar store as school budget is tight!

First, I precut some blue A2 top folding cardbases and 4" by 5.25" white rectangle pieces of cardstock. Next, my students alternated strips of red and green adhesive foil ribbon on the top of the white panel. After this was done, They used a glue gun to stick down a piece of 1" mesh ribbon underneath the foil strips. Following this, they chose a Christmas greeting stick to stick on the bottom of the white panel.

Some students decided they were done after this, and just adhered their panel onto one of the blue cardbases. Other students wanted to decorate the inside as well and glue gunned down another piece of ribbon on another white panel and stuck it on the inside of the card.

Easy peasy right? Hope you'll try this out yourself or with your kids at home.

Happy Crafting!


Create from the heart. Never stop smiling. Craftaholics unite.

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